The Tsunami

To me, EV = Expected Value. However, Electric Vehicles are also cool.

An Even Newer Chapter

During the golden age of poker, before Black Friday, I maintained a blog here to support sales of my books. After Black Friday, I started a new chapter in life, and this blog has been dormant for almost a decade.

I’m now transitioning to a newer chapter in life, and part of that transition is getting back into writing. However, the KillerEV moniker no longer seems to fit me. As a result, I’ve replaced the former contents of this website with this simple landing page. Regarding the future of, who knows? Perhaps I’ll eventually do something else with it. Perhaps I’ll sell it.

I’m looking to write not only for its own sake, but also to connect with bright people who are working on innovative projects outside the domains of casino gaming and mobile gaming. You know my first name. You know the first initial of my last name. You know this domain name. Send me an email that won’t get filtered by my spam filters 😊

- Tony Guerrera